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"[Screen Door Porch's] entrepreneurial gumption spearheaded the hardscrabble economics of the WYOmericana Caravan Tour, a traveling concert circus.” ~ The New York Times “A particularly interesting approach that mixes poetry and roughness.” ~ Lonestar Time (Italy) "Something new and fresh that can't or shouldn't be compared with anyone or anything else." ~ 605 Magazine “Alongside Lucinda Williams, Todd Snider and Ryan Adams, Davis's solo debut Rear View Mirror is one of the best Americana releases of the year!” ~ Rootstime (Belgium) "Screen Door Porch lends an easy Western flair to their more prominent native influences of North Carolina and Kentucky. Rose's voice triangulates the soulful grit of Lucinda Williams, the easy twang of Gillian Welch, and the acoustic indie intensity of new songstresses like Sera Cahoone, melding well with Davis' understated drawl...a combination that goes down as smoothly as top-shelf bourbon." (3 of 4 stars) ~ The Austin Chronicle “Fabulously sleazy blues slide guitar.” ~ Americana UK “Phenomenal songwriter...” ~ "A true American Roots album." (4 of 5 stars for Screen Door Porch) ~ Maverick Magazine "Atmospheric roots music with greasy slide guitar and sweet harmonies." ~ Rootstime (Belgium) "Like putting on your favorite old lucky hat on the way out the door for a night on the town, just plunk the figurative needle down anywhere on Screen Door Porch and there’s a good time to be had." ~ Twangville "Songs move with energetic consistency, rhythmically revealing one riff, one lyric at time. Yet, like time itself, each consistent moment is charged with new dynamic contrast - a plot twist, a few perfect words hitched together in metaphor, a long tone on a dominant chord." (Screen Door Porch) ~ Side One: Track One "Davis' electric dobro and harmony vocals are the perfect compliment to Rose's rasped delivery. ['Wrong the Right'] asks if this is 'death or thrill.' I'll let you decide." ~ A Fifty Cent Lighter and a Whiskey Buzz "A stirring, folksy, Americana sound that plucks at the chords of nostalgia and longing with themes of mountain solitude, gambling, carousing and life on the road." ~ Jackson Hole News & Guide "Rose has sweet-and-smoky vocals reminiscent of Catherine Irwin from Freakwater. Together with Davis, who sports mellow countrified pipes à la Mark Knopfler, they're a mighty force." ~ Missoula Independent