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Concert Review: Jackie Greene + Anders Osborne + Hayes Carll

Posted on Jan 17, 2017

Greene_Osborne_Carll_byAaronDavis5It takes a fair amount of gumption to perform outside of the so-called comfort zone musicians build within their main performance outlets. Jackie Green, Anders Osborne, and Hayes Carll ditched their bands and grabbed acoustic guitars for a sit down evening of old fashioned tune trading at the Center Theater on Sunday.

For Greene and Osborne—two new friends that are gifted as both singer-songwriters and guitarists—impromptu “jamming” is second nature and I’ve witnessed each thrive on that ball of energy as much as writing a powerful song. They've each shared experiences with Phil Lesh & Friends in recent years and each play in loud, improvisational rock bands. It was great to see a number of those rock tunes stripped down to the raw core from these two.

Hayes Carll sounded like the refined writer he is, a painter with words as his raw material. After Carll made light of the juxtaposition between him and the other two, the joke recycled throughout

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Review: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

Posted on May 29, 2013

SweatGirlsWMWow, Mr. Sharpe. You and the Magnetic Zeros took the Pink Garter through a storm of a show last night - all 13 of ya. You brought it, you shared it, then you owned it. Not just a typical concert, but a back-and-forth crowd interaction of genuine precision and off-the-cuff cool. You drew me closer to to your music than I thought I would get. Even after hearing "Home" a thousand times on the radio, it was still magical last night (with icing added by a cameo verse via Jackson's own beloved actor, Andrew Munz). There were a lot of "moments" through the show - some rehearsed and many that were not. One non-musical moment that comes to mind was a story that GirlCrowdWMEbert (Mr. Sharpe) told about driving through Jackson Hole with his family when he was five years old. He was looking out the window at all of the beauty and figuring out how he would have to "leave all of this beauty behind." He goes on to say, "I was an asshole not a God, and I dealt with it by being an BandCrowdWMasshole." The band then erupted into a percussion filled frenzy with a deepening groove. Was he referring to his battle with drug addiction? His failed relationships with lovers or family? Who knows. He's a metaphorical genius of story teller, and remains patient upon delivering his ideals with nuggets of familiarity and grace. Click on the thumbnails below to view larger versions:
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Concert Review: Wilco & Dr. Dog @ Red Rocks

Posted on Jun 25, 2012

WILCO with Dr. Dog - June 23, 2012 / Red Rocks Amphitheatre / Morrison, CO Jackson Hole, Wyo. - I last saw Wilco at Emerson Center in Bozeman in 2008, a very small room for them and one of my favorite rock shows in that era. I had the opportunity to open for them that same year, a solo  "tweener" set, but missed their show for one of my own later that night. A brief mention of my set was posted in a Grateful Web review. Though Red Rocks is 8 1/2 hours from Jackson and there are closer stops on the Wilco tour, the opportunity to be at this venue again (and a virgin experience for my better half) trumped it all. We are also big fans of Dr. Dog, so the bill was magnetized. Holy #$%@, what a show! Conversation on the long drive allowed for plenty of time for personal song requests ("Casino Queen," "Kingpin," "War on War," and others). All of which, by the way, made it into the setlist except "Handshake Drugs" which they had played the previous night...that just never happens! From what I gathered, the songs that they played on this particular night were widespread, uncommon, and deemed special by frequent Wilco show-goers. Not only did we get the best of the new, but deep cuts from older albums continued to pile up through
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Live Music Review: The Punch Brothers

Posted on Sep 1, 2011

by Aaron Davis (for Jackson Hole Weekly,
Jackson Hole, Wyo. – Seeing a phenomenal band for the first time usually trumps the proceeding performances. The 2010 Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival was my first experience with The Punch Brothers, and they were my favorite group of the three-day weekend. It was an early evening set on the festival’s opening night, a somewhat challenging slot.
Hearing this quintet of virtuosos inside at the Center Theater on Wednesday night, I thought that the venue not only suited them, but it allowed for a much more diverse setlist. Minute nuances ballooned. The hollowness of their acoustic instruments could be heard. It seemed as if the instruments
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My Targhee Fest 2011

Posted on Jul 18, 2011

Just being at Targhee and having two days off was killer. I had anticipated Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings would be my personal highlight, and they were. That woman has more energy than even Michael Franti. The "Female James Brown" label fits like a glove. She nailed about every dance move in the book, and her sharp wit makes her one of the most comfortable performers I've ever seen. Incredibly tight band. It was a surprise to see Grace Potter & The Nocturnals without bassist Catherine Popper. Evidently, there was notice just two hours prior to taking stage that they would be without the key member. Medical emergency was the reason, but rumors have already flown about a possible drug problem. Either way, The Nocturnals' guitarists made up for it, hammering double guitars (sans bass) and even trading off on bass throughout the set.
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