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Audio Stream of Deer Tick INTERVIEW

Posted on Mar 26, 2013

[To listen to the AUDIO INTERVIEW, click above] Guitarist/vocalist Ian O'Neil of rock band Deer Tick talks about the band's Wyoming debut, recording with Los Lobos' Steve Berlin, and dealing with the media.  (An excerpt of this piece was published in Planet JH Weekly) Does Deer Tick sometimes get a bad rap? Misunderstood? When I caught up to guitarist/vocalist Ian O’Neil, he explained that it’s because “we are not inclined to do what people are expecting of us.” What rock band would, right? I dug my ears into the Providence, Rhode Island quintet’s discography, read interviews, and tried to wrap my head around where they are coming from, musically. I kept getting distracted, though, by public distaste of the band’s rock ‘n' roll attitude, their lack of tact. As the band’s label-issued bio honestly states, they are “100% Deer-Fucking-Tick” and “completely uninterested in whatever the hell the rest of the music industry is up to.” Fist-pumping masculinity, thorny pessimism, debauchery, and that seemingly not-giving-a-damn perspective rolls confidently without blush on their loud, drunken rock affair and fourth LP, Divine Providence (2011). Though exploration into previous albums—like the folk roots of War Elephant (2007)—and forays into material that’s fleetingly mellow to Nirvana punky, is telling. Deer Tick’s approach is heterogeneous, and can be rather thoughtful, too, while living up to
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South of France interview stream; JH Juggernauts fundraiser

Posted on Mar 19, 2013

(An excerpt of this piece was published in Planet JH Weekly) South of France transmits noise pop to roller derby fans When producer/multi-instrumentalist Jeff Cormack first scored transitional music for a Teton Gravity Research ski flick, his indie noise-pop project, South of France, was just a seed. It was when TGR’s The Dream Factory rolled around that, in addition to crafting sequence music, South of France’s song “Kings” was placed in the film. “It’s been about a three-year relationship with TGR and I love working with them because I grew up skiing and snowboarding, and I’ve always known the TGR films,” Comack said. With the release of South of France’s debut LP, Another Boring Sunrise, there’s been a surge of
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Interview / Audio Stream: Ruthie Foster

Posted on Jan 8, 2013

(A portion of this piece was published in Jackson Hole Weekly) Where has my life been without Ruthie Foster? The forty-nine year old, two-time Grammy nominee and four-time Blues Music Awards recipient has long hovered in my peripheral, but not anymore. Often compared to Ella Fitzgerald or Aretha Franklin, I digress to her Susan Tedeschi vibe. Like Tedeschi, guitar-wielding Foster belts a soulful blend of gospel and funk to compliment her in-the-pocket R&B. Foster’s phenomenal 2012 release and seventh album, Let it Burn, was just nominated for a Grammy for Best Blues Album, yet actually deviates from the blues—further into her gospel choir roots. Alongside two new gospel-tinged original tunes adorned by The Blind Boys of Alabama, the album covers a wide range of artists, including
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