(this piece was published by Planet Jackson Hole)

MURSAs a kid, L.A. rapper MURS was a skateboarder and video gamer that grew up around Crips gang members. His love of both geek and hip-hop culture made for a relatable mix of lyrics to each subculture. As a teenager, he hustled his music hand-to-hand on the streets for rent, leading to a stage name that is an acronym with multiple meanings including "Making the Universe Recognize and Submit" and "Making Underground Raw Shit."

This past May, MURS released the debut album on his own Strange Music label, “Have a Nice Life.” This is following a stint with Warner Brothers that included a string of collaborative albums such as 2012’s “This Generation” with Fresno rapper Fashawn. MURS describes Strange Music as “a home for strong, original personalities.” He signed Tech N9ne last year.

A zoomed-out look at MURS’s recording career since 1997 is one of ambition and range—nine albums including releases as a member of hip-hop groups Living Legends, Melancholy Gypsys, Felt, and Melrose, as well as a stint as the lead vocalist of rock-rap super group, The Invincibles. An emotional realist, he often shuns the hip-hop gun culture in favor of insightful dialog about the streets.

Detroit rapper Red Pill and L.A. rapper King Fantastic will open the show.

MURS, 10 p.m. Thursday at Town Square Tavern. $15. 307Live.com, 733-3886.