SweatGirlsWMWow, Mr. Sharpe. You and the Magnetic Zeros took the Pink Garter through a storm of a show last night - all 13 of ya. You brought it, you shared it, then you owned it. Not just a typical concert, but a back-and-forth crowd interaction of genuine precision and off-the-cuff cool. You drew me closer to to your music than I thought I would get. Even after hearing "Home" a thousand times on the radio, it was still magical last night (with icing added by a cameo verse via Jackson's own beloved actor, Andrew Munz). There were a lot of "moments" through the show - some rehearsed and many that were not. One non-musical moment that comes to mind was a story that GirlCrowdWMEbert (Mr. Sharpe) told about driving through Jackson Hole with his family when he was five years old. He was looking out the window at all of the beauty and figuring out how he would have to "leave all of this beauty behind." He goes on to say, "I was an asshole not a God, and I dealt with it by being an BandCrowdWMasshole." The band then erupted into a percussion filled frenzy with a deepening groove. Was he referring to his battle with drug addiction? His failed relationships with lovers or family? Who knows. He's a metaphorical genius of story teller, and remains patient upon delivering his ideals with nuggets of familiarity and grace. Click on the thumbnails below to view larger versions: